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PLC Controls

Programmable Control Systems

We have expertise from small systems with a few I/O (Inputs and Outputs) to very complex systems that require the networking of multiple units together. From the individual pieces of equipment, to the complete rig, and all the way up to the production facilities, we have the experience to do it all. Custom design and prototyping is our specialty

We can design and implement Scada (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) Operator Interface packages that utilize high speed computer processors to display relevant information on Computer Screens. As well as displaying real time data, we have the capabilities to provide full diagnostic information to minimize your down time. These systems connect to the PLC infrastructure to provide the operator a user friendly interface to the PLC.

Fluid Design Solutions can not only provide World Class mechanical solutions, but we can provide a one stop shop for the complete package, with PLC Control Systems tightly integrated into the solution