Fluid Design Solutions - Mud PumpFeatures:

• 6-plex mud pump
• hydraulically powered
• PLC controlled
• modular design
• design allows customization of the pump configuration
• easy transport
• common “of the shelf” parts used in design
• Input Power – Hydraulic Rig Power
• Fully automated Power management available
• Pressure rating 3000 psi
• Flow 2.7 m3 / min
• Stroke 15”
• Dimensions: 155” x 65” x 46”
• Weight 16,000 lb


Fluid Design Solutions - Split Block In our past many customers required modification of our existing designs. Customization sometimes required creation of new sub-assemblies and totally new products. For that reason we know can offer a variety of hoisting equipment, drive systems for mud pumps etc.

Fluid Design Solutions - Integrated BlockSome of these products are shown. For detailed description of these products please contact FDS.